Any tips on getting started and etiquette?

A few simple things to keep in mind:
  1. Give something you’d be proud to give or get, and has useful life left in it.
  2. Take a good photo... blurry images make it harder for someone to really get a sense of the item. People like to have an idea of what they're getting.
  3. Provide a descriptive title: keep it short. You can include things like model number or put that, reference links, or any other interesting info in the optional details.
  4. Consider optional info. Only the title is required but additional info can be very helpful.
  5. If you find yourself taking a lot of items, don't forget to give something! What comes around, goes around ☺.
Remember: It's easy to cancel a posting - just go to the detail view and tap the wrench icon in the upper right corner and then delete the item.

Now you know so go create a new post. It's fast and easy so don't be afraid to make a mistake and try again.

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