How long should it be before I see any Dibs?

It really depends on the item. That said, if you're on a timeline or just want to make sure your item is seen as soon as possible, you can help it get noticed:

  • Mention your deadline in the item description - For example, if you're moving or simply need the space, make a note of that in the description.
  • Make sure your description captures some keywords - This will help people find it as they search.
  • Add a comment to the Facebook story - Take it one step further and tag friends you think would be interested in the item. Both of these will help draw more attention to the item(s).
  • Invite your friends - With more users comes more potential interest in items as well as more items that you may be interested in.
If possible, rather than waiting for a critical mass of items to give, try posting items whenever you find them. It's quick and easy and let's you build a list of things that people can easily search.

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